Growing the world’s finest prunes for nearly 100 years, we are proud to introduce D’Noir™ prunes, and invite you to try our masterpiece. D’Noir prunes are packed moist, tender and pure – without preservatives – resulting in an amazingly fresh flavor.

From our crop of plums grown in lush California orchards, we carefully select the few that meet our D’Noir™ standards.

Our pursuit of the highest quality standards is what makes Sunsweet the world’s #1 prune.

For Sunsweet,™ growing the perfect prune plum is an art form. After nearly a hundred years working hand in hand with nature, we grew a true masterpiece: D�Noir™ Prunes. And now, Sunsweet invites you to try our delicious new D�Noir Prune Juice! Elegant, complex and amazingly delicious.

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